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Collection Update

Rick Ethridge

Veteran Member
Nov 20, 2003
Plattsmouth, Nebraska USA
I've gotten a few more systems from when last I posted. Here they are:

TRS-80 Model I 48k ram with E/I, two FH SS floppies and monitor.

TRS-80 Model 4 Non-Gate Array Green Screen with 128K ram, two internal SS FH floppies, one external HH DS floppy and one external 3.5 inch 720k floppy.

TRS-80 Model 4P Green Screen with 128k ram and stock internal floppy drives.

VIC-20 Computer and games.

2 C=64 systems. One with two 1541 drives, accelerator cartridges, Okimate 20 printer and 1080 monitor.

2 C=128 systems. One with expanded video ram, two 1571 drives, two 1581 drives, 1351 mouse, 1751 ram expander, Star NL-10 printer and two 1200 BPS modems.

C= plus/4 computer with 1571 drive.

Power Macintosh 8500/120 80 Meg ram.

Netram 233 MHz 256 Meg ram /Win98SE and Visioneer 6400 scanner

Compaq DeskPro 2000 400 MHz 256 Meg ram w/ Win XP

Handbuilt 950 GHz T-Bird Athlon 950 Slot A with 640 Meg ram w/ WinXP and HP DeskJet 950 printer.

DIT 1.08 GHz Duron 384 Meg ram dual-boot Mandriva 2006 and Win98SE and Panasonic Laser printer.


Veteran Member
Jul 28, 2006
Wow, the t-bird have a "x-ray shield" :cool: 950 GHz sounds like it should be glowing in the blue-white range...

On the serious side, are the Commadore disk drives hard to come by these days? I know it's very close to impossible for me to find a disk drive for the EPSON PX-8 I just purchased. On one site, the guy said it took him 17 years to find one! I believe that one now.


Veteran Member
Sep 21, 2006
South Florida
Heh - did you see ow much the TI engineering sample floppy for the TI CC40 went fo on eBay last week?


Of course,being an engineering sample, with none having been sold retail, can do that I guess.....