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Commodore Plus/4 heat sink recommendations


Experienced Member
Feb 18, 2018
Grand Rapids, MI
So my Plus/4 is working nicely.
- CPU replaced by a modern replacement (so it's not a soon-to-fail 7501 or 8501).
- The Pi1541 issue is resolved (it's so nice to have that working).

Now it's time to future proof some stuff - especially since I'm having so much fun playing with it.

The TED chip already has a heat sink in the form of the RF shield around it (yes, part of that shield actually presses against the chip with thermal paste).

I don't need to do anything about the CPU since that's modern (and it doesn't look like it will take a heat sink anyway).

The MUX chips get hot, so I'll probably do something with those.

Question 1: Any other chips I should think about putting a heat sink on?

Question 2: Any recommendation for a good source of heat sinks?