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Configureing floppies in DOS & Windows.....


Experienced Member
Sep 20, 2009
Coventry, UK
Hi all,

I have an old Shuttle SN68SG2 machine that I'd like to use for reading / writing floppies for old machines.
The CMOS setup for this machine only lists one floppy, but the hardware actually seems to support 2 drives, as I've been able to configure them in linux by telling the floppy driver there is a second drive present even though there is no setting for it in the CMOS setup. This works and I can access the second drive.

I've also managed to configure Sydex's Anadisk to tell it there is a second floppy and again this is able to read data from the second drive.

So next question, is there a way of setting DOS up (PC-DOS 7/2000), to tell it about the second drive, note the BIOS only reports one drive, if you try and select drive B: you get the normal 'insert a disk for drive B:' that you get in a single drive system.

Likewise I have Windows XP on this machine, would there be any way of overriding it's drive detection and forcing it to see the actual hardware dispite the CMOS telling it there's only one drive?