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Dead DECHUB 90 power supply or saveable ?


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Sep 8, 2005
So with a group we acquired some DEC items and among them was a DECHUB 90 which I took over.
But it didn't power up, not a beep, not a boom, no smoke, nothing.
So opened the power supply up and immediately on the component/top side I could see blackness but nothing exploded or melded etc
The bottom looks even more like someone set fire to it :p
See https://stefandump.stack.storage/s/TkgpXfqesvJ2UtBI for some quick pictures.

Your thoughts ?
The resistors have cooked the board, but the traces don't look damaged.

C11 might be bulging slightly, and it's proximity to the scorching hot resistors is probably the cause.

I'd re-cap it and see what happens. I'd also check the resistors and see if any have opened due to heat cycling.

I should be able to do that, even if I am not that big of a soldering guru ;)
Any idea what kind of resistors these are ? Probably some high wattage but how much ? (can't see anything indicating the watts) The ohms vary but are written on the side, all 5%.