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EAI TR10 Analog Computer - More Tests - Simple Adding


Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2011
NorthWest England (East Pondia)
Well as I have my PC Scope back I can try a few "Programs" and display the output on the scope. I have now tried several "Programs". So first use the two new Pots to add voltages. Plug the system so the +10v Reference goes to the top of the calibrated pots and the wiper goes to one of the amplifiers. So the input can be read off the pot. Here is the wiring:-

View attachment 22361

Here are the pots set to 5 and 3...

View attachment 22360

Here is the output. It should be "8" but the reference voltages are a bit low.

View attachment 22359

Also note its "-8" as the adder inverts.