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FS: Misc old computer and game items


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Oct 10, 2008
Dallas, TX Metromess

I'm cleaning out the garage and have found a few things that need to go.

1 Atari 2600 style Joystick in beautiful shape - <Sold!>
1 Atari (brown & cream) trackball - $ make offer
1 Atari 5200 RF switch box/power input (missing 300 ohm antenna screws and missing a chunk of plastic) - $4
1 2600 Cartridge - Alien by 20th Century Fox - $3

1 Commodore 1541-II/1571-II/1581 power supply - <Traded!>
1 set of Commodore paddles - <Sold!>

1 Intellivision "Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack" cart (partial torn label) - $3
1 Intellivision "Horse Racing" cart (partial torn label) - $3

1 TI-99/4a "solid state speec cartridge" "Sewermania" - <Sold!>

1 roll (>70 feet) 10 conductor ribbon cable (grey) - $ make offer
1 roll (> 10 feet) 25 conductor ribbon cable (grey w/red stripes) - $ make offer
1 roll (> 50 feet) 34 conductor ribbon cable (grey) - $ make offer

Don't forget shipping... ;)

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Jul 10, 2009
Raton, New Mexico
I am interested in the "Sewermania" TI99/4a cartridge. If it's still available, send me a PM with either your mailing address or e-mail where I can send paypal or personal check. My zip code is 87740 if you need it to calculate an appropriate shipping charge.