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Fundraiser for my work


Veteran Member
Jan 6, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
So guys, here's my adventure for next year! I'll need to lose more weight and get a lot more fit before next October! I'll be trekking for 50 kilometres through the Himalayan foothills in North India as a fundraiser for Empower (where I work) to dig a well for an underprivileged community there!

I've been working here for 16 years and the difference this organisation has made to lives in South Asia is the main reason I'm here! Please consider giving to my fundraiser - even if it's instead of a Christmas present! I need to raise $3000 to cover the cost of the well.

Here's the link to my fundraiser - thanks heaps in advance to anybody who donates! And please talk to me if you want any more info! And please share this with your friends and family!

THANKS guys! I'll keep you all posted on my progress in getting ready for it!