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GRiD 1680C Disassembly/Troubleshooting

May 5, 2022
I recently picked up a broken 1680C off of eBay in the hopes of repairing it.
Does anyone have a guide for disassembly? I was able to pry the bottom partway open after taking out the screws beneath the battery compartment but beyond that haven't had much luck and I don't want to be forcing something that I think is just "sticky" when it actually comes off/apart a different way.
The screen appears to be completely toasted sadly, like someone had left it on a car dash although I can't thoroughly test it if I can't even get the PC to POST.
When it is just plugged-in charging/with battery inserted the battery light is flashing red but when I attempt to turn it on, the battery light indicator briefly flashes yellow then goes back to flashing red. Without the battery inserted the same thing happens without the yellow battery light going on at all.
I would appreciate any guidance on how to disassemble it without destruction.