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HP Vectra QS-series PSU pinout


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Jan 21, 2008
Western Norway
I got hold of a Vectra motherboard not too long ago, and am thinking about getting it up and running.

This motherboard is very particular in that it has a 19-pin connector for the powersupply, where one pin is used as key, 15 pins for power and 3 pins for the battery. I have never seen this particular type used before, and there's absolutely no info on it anywhere. Figuring out most of the voltage pins is not really too hard, but there are a few lines I am a bit uncertain about.

1: Battery+ (Connected to VBAT through 530 Ohm resitor in series with a transistor)
2: Battery - (GND)
3: ??? Connected to VBAT line through 4.7K resistor. VBAT sense?

4: -5V
5: -12V
6: +12V
7-11: GND
12: Key
13-17: +5V
18: ??? Don't know where this goes. PWR_GOOD maybe?
19: GND

I don't want to just connect up anything to the last few lines, so if anyone have more info I'll be very glad to know.