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Intel Intellec MCS 8 on ebay

Roland Huisman

Veteran Member
Mar 24, 2011
The Netherlands
Thanks, I didn't notice that earlier.

Looks like a useful system. These plug-in boards seem to be present:

- frontpanel controller board,
- the 8080 CPU board,
- two 4K RAM cards equipped with 2102 RAM chips,
- two 4KB EPROM cards with 1702 EPROMS
- one customer built PCB
- two I/O cards with room for a UART which will probably be on one of these two.

As far as I can see, the system only misses the power supply and the eprom programmer board.
The power should not be a big problem to built. And it will work fine without programmer.
It should not be a big problem to get this back to live again...

A nice Intellec system, only a shame that the seller would not ship it to the Netherlands

Regards, Roland