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Macintosh Portable


Experienced Member
Dec 23, 2010
Cranston, RI
For sale is a Macintosh Portable Backlit Model with 8Mb RAM (maxed out), Original Zipper Case, Three Batteries, Battery Charger and AC Adapter. A friend of mine with a Portable used his good battery and got my machine to boot with both an External Hard Drive and an OS 6 Floppy. He reports that all three of my batteries need to be recelled. I am including a known good SCSI hard drive. The machine cosmetically is 9 out of 10, as is the black zipper case with Macintosh Portable logo. If I find no takers within a week I will have the batteries recelled myself. I am asking $ 325.00 postpaid CONUS. PayPal ONLY. PM me if interested.