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Monitor storage


Veteran Member
Mar 21, 2020
Anyone got any creative suggestions for storing excess computer monitors? I've got a whole mess of spare flat screens, some 19" 4:3 monitors and 24" 19:10s. And I'm probably going to accumulate more screens as the opportunities present themselves. But as anyone who's had a handful of computer monitors will agree... they are a pain to store.

So I'm curious if anyone's got some inventive ways to maximize storage space for screens.
If you are really pressed for space, I suppose you could put some tracks on the ceiling and slot the flat panels in face up.
I have several in storage. I use a shelf on the wall and stack them as close to one another as they will fit.

They are easier than CRT's. With CRT's I stack them in sets of two with the top CRT upside down on top of the lower CRT.