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NEEDED: author for N8VEM article or access to publication


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Dec 21, 2006
I am looking for an author, editor, or publisher willing to publish a brief article on the N8VEM home brew computing project. If you have the ability to get an article in print please contact me as soon as possible. This has to be a publication like a magazine, journal, or book not an online blog or forum.

Over at N8VEM we are struggling to keep the N8VEM Wikipedia page from being deleted by the Wikipedia editors. Apparently they consider the page as not "notable" and are discussing its deletion.

The Wikipedia editors are not making an idle threat. They've already deleted the P112 Wikipedia page which is somewhat similiar to what we have for the N8VEM home brew computing project. In my opinion, anyone familiar with hobbyist/home brew computing in the last 15 years would instantly recognize the P112 as "notable" however the powers that be at Wikipedia think otherwise.

If someone could volunteer to help I would very much appreciate it. The builders at N8VEM can assist in the drafting of an article and/or provide background information as needed. The scope of the article is entirely up to you and can be as narrow as you like. Easy topics could be the N8VEM SBC, Zeta, S-100 boards, and/or N8 home computer.

Thanks in advance for your consideration. Have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch