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Northern Europe New home needed for a DECpc AXP 150 (UK) - REPOST: £50

Covers: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland
Feb 27, 2022
United Kingdom
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I am reposting this as I cannot edit my original post and have more detail/pics on the DECpc.

I am letting go of this old piece of kit, a DECpc AXP 150 if anyone is interested. I cannot bring myself to bin it. I haven't had it running for many, many years and have just brought it to life today to see how it is. Attached are some pics. It did initially have NVRAM issues on first boot but like system date/time, but that seems okay after it has been on a while. As you can see from the pics it booted up into Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. I haven't cleaned it so it comes as it. The plastic surround is cracked at the bottom as circled and some of the feet of the plastic surround are broken. The DECpc comes with:
  • DECpc itself
  • 2 internal SCSI disks, a few GB's on each.
    • NOTE: The main disk wasn't overly happy on the first boot, but seemed okay on subsequent boots etc.
  • CDROM with 2 x trays for the disks
    • NOTE: The drive is recognised but inserted disks do not seem to work, might just need some cleaning and attention as it did work previously.
  • Floppy drive - untested
  • Some manuals, random CD's and floppy disks
Please also NOTE that due to the main disk not feeling healthly on the initial boot I attempted to get NT installed on the 2nd drive, however because I could not read the installation CD that failed, but in the process I removed the Windows NT Boot options and couldn't get a re-instated set up working to boot off the main drive. I think with a suitable CD drive working it should easily be possible to get a fresh NT installed on a trusted drive.

The item is sold as is for spares or repair.

So if anyone out there fancies giving this lovely DECpc a new home please contact me.



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