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"Not Another Apple Podcast?!"


Feb 18, 2012
Toronto, Canada
Congrats on the first show.

If you're looking for topic ideas, I'd like to hear you and Blake tackle the similarities and differences between Apple's transition from Apple II to Macintosh and now from Macintosh to iOS/OS X.

Another idea might be to contrast Apple's current relationship with developers (WWDC, developer conferences, tools, App stores, etc.) with past iterations (MPW, the Macintosh HIG, CyberDog, etc.).

Or, perhaps take a look at advertising then and now? I'm thinking about things like Apple's short lived "try before you buy" program, the Think Different campaign, "There is no step 3", the student-oriented TV commercials of the 80s/90s, the evangelists like Mike Boich and Guy Kawasaki, etc.

There, now go do those three shows immediately. ;-)