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Mid Atlantic Pentium Laptops - Thinkpad 365XD, Fujitsu Stylistic, Fujitsu Lifebook

Covers: New York, Pensylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.


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Aug 4, 2015
Virginia, USA
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I've gotten tired of fighting with these older pentium machines. They were fantastic items when I bought them about ten years ago, but they're giving me problems now and I have enough projects to work on rather than fight with them any more. I'll explain the problems and be happy to help whoever gets them with any questions.

Thinkpad 365XD
Pentium 133
72 MB RAM (8 onboard + 64)
2gb hard drive - DOES NOT SEE. Will also include a CF-IDE adapter and an 8gb CF card.
Replaced CDROM, with original door, and will include original non-working CDROM
Working external floppy with cable
Power supply

It will boot to DOS from the floppy but will not recognize any hard drive plugged in. Could be dry solder joints that need to be reflowed on the IDE interface on the motherboard. Original hard drive that I'm including has a full WFW 3.11 install and a ton of games and programs, but somehow the ini for windows got screwed up and I could only get Windows working after renaming the batch and ini files. I assumed the hard drive was dying, so I started trying to install a CF IDE, and now it doesn't recognize any hard drive. Plugging in an IDE drive requires a hell of a lot of force on this motherboard.

I've also found and installed a new CDROM drive for it, which appears to be working but now I can't test it because the DOS install on the original hard drive won't boot. If the buyer wants, I can make a boot disk for something in the CDROM drive and see if that works, but light comes on, reacts the same way, has the same model number and plugs in to the odd connector. I will of course include the original drive.

I've just put in a new CMOS battery, and the original laptop battery is long gone before it could do any damage. Unfortunately when I threw it out, I didn't consider it might be possible to rebuild it. Oh well.

Asking $70 + shipping, mostly because of the money spent recently on the CF card & adapter and the replacement CDROM.

Also have a second floppy drive and a cable for a different Thinkpad - floppy drive is tested and working, but the cable doesn't fit the 300 series Thinkpads. I think it's for the 700 series? I can include it with this or sell it separately for an extra $30 (included would be $20 which you could make back by selling the cable itself). The second floppy will work with this laptop with the included cable, which is how I know it works. The cables are detachable at both ends and IBM used a standard floppy plug for several years.

Fujitsu Stylistic LT C-500
Celeron 500
CF-IDE Adapter, no CF card included
New power supply included

Tested and working as far as I could, boots to BIOS and sees what I plug in to the IDE interface. Picked this up a while ago and then bought the power supply for it but getting an OS on it turned out to be more than I honestly want to deal with. It's got some case damage around the IR interface, but everything works, the screen looks good (no scratches, etc) and if you want to put 98 or 2000 on something with a touch interface, this is the machine you want.

Asking 70 + shipping to basically cover the cost of the machine and the power supply.

Fujitsu Lifebook 280Dx
Pentium 233MMX
3.2GB hard drive, will also include a CF-IDE adapter, no card.
CDROM, Floppy and Zip drives included
Power supply included - uses the same type of power supply as the Stylistic, the one that goes with this is an older 3rd party one (and HUGE) but modern ones are available on ebay and work fine.

This was a really early desktop replacement when it came out, I don't think it even came with a battery when I bought it many years ago. The hard drive should have Win98 on it, but it sat in a box for many years and now I can't get anything to show up on the screen. It's possible there's some key combo that turns off the screen and only outputs to VGA, but obviously I don't know what it is, and it's probably more likely that there's some other problem.

Asking 70 + shipping because if you have one it's worth that for the parts alone. If the screen works and I'm just an idiot, it's probably the best pentium laptop ever made. I have not tested VGA output.

I would also be interested in a trade for any or all of these for a Powerbook 1400c or 1400cs with a working screen.