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PS2 Model 30 Starter Kit


New Member
Aug 12, 2011
San Diego
Hi All,

Tried to post this before but got timed out, so my apologies if it ends up being a duplicate entry.

I miss the good old days when I could sell a PS2, some extra RAM, a super high-end (640x480) CAD graphics card and monitor, Autocad, a Plotter, and make about $5,000 profit. *sigh*

So about 20 years ago I ordered the wrong keyboard for a client. I found it while moving out of my house of 20 years a cupla months ago. In the bottom of my closet was a brand new, unopened PS2 Model 30 "Starter Kit." I opened the outer shipping container but I have no idea what the contents are of the inner box. Is the "Kit" just the keyboard? If your're wondering why the heck I don't open it to find out, I was thinkin it might be cool for a real aficionado to have the honors...

Anyway, anyone know for sure what's inside??



Jan 8, 2009
Minerva, Ohio, USA
From memory, the Model 25 Starter Kit contained things like the Starter Diskette which had a tutorial type of program, along with the "Entertainment Sampler" which had a few games including Freddy's Rescue Roundup. I believe it's the same thing as here:

In this guy's unboxing of a Model 25, I don't see him open a Starter Kit anywhere. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPk4Ag86qUE

(An open mystery is what on earth kind of Model 25 came with a SCSI card and an external SCSI drive. I had a 3510, but I certainly didn't come with the Model 25.)