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QIC Media cases and UltraSparc laptop


New Member
Mar 12, 2023
Hello :))

Looking for empty QIC and Exabyte nylon cartridge case

I'm hoping somebody can help me find EMPTY QIC tape cartridge cases, also Exabyte cases ?

Plenty of DDS, DAT, DLT and LTO cases are available and I have stocks of these - but I can't find anyone selling/dumping QIC cases or Exabyte cases.

My hobby involves storing a great variety of small tools and tiny mechanical components - I've found old media cases are very well suited for this purpose.

Any pointers would be gratefully received - with thanks !!

I'm located in Scotland, guess I should say only UK and perhaps EU stocks worth discussing - bringing empty nylon cases over the Atlantic seems too extravagant !!

UltraSparc laptop will be for sale

I shall probably post an advert soon (maybe here, maybe Ebay) for a laptop I have for sale - branded UltraSparc.

This is a rare RISC architecture device, not X86. I was advised it could run early versions of IBM's AIX. The machine boots to the service processor menu but
there's no OS to take over from that point and I'd need to learn how to source and install a compatible OS to go further.

I'm pretty sure there's an HDD in there, I need to recheck. My GUESS is the machine was decommissioned from commercial use and at that stage the HDD
was possibly wiped (hopefully not degaussed !)

With thanks and regards,

Kevin Thomson