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Recommend a 2.2 CP/M for 8088...


Experienced Member
Nov 22, 2018
Germany, Lower-Saxony, Hildesheim
I believe that was one of the ones I linked to . One not mentioned is Microsolutions UniDOS, which has a direct interface to the disk utility UniFORM. Somewhat difficult to find in the wild, but it's out there.

The problem is that on a 4.77MHz 8088, any software-only emulator is going to be pretty slow. Okay for playing around getting one's bearings in CP/M, however.

When I wrote 22Nice, I took a different approach of translating CP/M calls to MS-DOS calls and then emulating the 8080 or Z80 for the user code (or supporting V20 emulation). So 22Nice isn't a Z80 emulator per se, but rather a CP/M 2.2 emulator. It makes for inter-operability between native MS-DOS code and CP/M code. For example, I can run PIP or DEBUG from an MS-DOS command line just like I would run any MS-DOS program.

You gain a bit more speed this way, as you're not trying to emulate the code inside of CP/M BDOS or BIOS. You also gain a very large TPA, as the resident code is less than 1KB. On the negative side, you don't get to use SUBMIT or XSUB, as they rely on the CP/M CCP--but MS-DOS has file redirection and batch file processing that's probably better than SUBMIT/XSUB.

I'd like to see JIT translator for CP/M code, but I'm not aware of any.