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Retrocomputing Roundtable has inspired me...


New Member
Mar 23, 2012
So, on the last episode, they announced that all three of them were going to be at Kansasfest. I have wanted to go to Kansasfest myself for so long and as soon as they announced that, I paused the audio so I could think how I could make it happen. I have listened to Earl talk about wanting to go to events like Kansasfest for years on his Retrobits podcast and now on RCR. Why couldn't I do it this year also?

Then I realized I had a bunch of air miles which I never seem to be able to use. I don't have enough to take the whole family anywhere interesting but I bet I have enough to get me to Kansas City. A few minutes later, I knew I had enough miles and tickets were available. So, I only had to convince my wife that it was worth the cost of registration. That was a start.

Of course, Kansasfest ends on July 22nd this year. That was the next hurdle because that is my wedding anniversary. But after agreeing to several concessions (my wife will be attending a bunch of scrapbooking events locally for the next few months), I was ready to book everything.

Just want to say thanks to David, Earl and Carrington who have helped me to do something this year I have been thinking about for a long time. And I guess I will meet you guys in a few months. Thanks! Now to figure out if I can transport my Replica One safely enough.


Feb 18, 2012
Toronto, Canada
That's fantastic. You're going to love the event. I had wanted to go for years before the first time I attended, and I was not in the least disappointed even after building it up in my mind. A truly terrific time is had by all the nerds in attendance.


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Oct 1, 2007
New Zealand
Should be great! One of my goals is to someday go to one of these big U.S. events...assuming they are still having them in about 10 years when I retire.

We need to do something like this is New Zealand (not just for Apple IIs though). We do have a slowly growing Vintage/Classic/Retro computer community here down under though so maybe some day.



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Jul 20, 2010
South East England
I'm so envious of you guys, I would love to be able to come over from the UK to this event but it's just not possible at the moment. Have a great one!