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Roland Sound Canvas


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Jul 17, 2010
Roland SCC-1
The Roland SCC-1 is the [wiki]Hardware:Roland LAPC-I[/wiki]'s big-brother, and it's based on the Roland SC-55 synth instead of the older CM-32L (MT-32 compatible) synth. It is compatible with the then increasingly popular General MIDI standard, in addition to Roland's own GS standard. The architecture of the card is mostly similar to the LAPC-I, with the MIDI interface being based on the MPU-401 and the synth itself being accessed through the interface.

Roland RAP-10
The Roland RAP-10 is a 16-bit ISA card based on the SC-7 sound module. It used the MCB-10 breakout box as a MIDI interface, and it's main focus is to provide basic General MIDI support. The Roland RAP-10 was also capable of 16-bit sound sample processing, however, not many games supported this capability as it was not Sound Blaster 16 compatible.