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Rules/Guidelines for the Off Topic area


Associate Cat Herder
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May 3, 2003
We have an off-topic area for discussion of newer machines and tech that are not vintage. There is also a quite a bit of very off-topic chatter, and we acknowledge and allow it because this is a community.

However, I've had to just outright delete a few threads that have "gone off the rails." So here is a reminder on proper etiquette for the off-topic area:

  • Be civil.
  • Don't let threads get out of control with wild claims against the government, mega-corps, religious battles, or other "culture wars."
  • Do not discuss illegal activity or things that are very personal in nature.
  • Do not discuss eating cats, squirrels, or anything else (including humans) for survival purposes. (Yes, this happened.)

Honestly, it's a lot of work to moderate the forum. For threads that run out of control we're just going to delete them on sight because it's too much work to clean them up. If this keeps happening we'll take other measures, like banning people. (Or worse.)

If you see something objectionable in a thread please report the thread directly to the moderators using the icon that resembles an exclamation point in a warning triangle. That will allow us to delete bad posts and not have to wipe out entire threads.

This is a public (read: open to view) resource for the entire group. Don't abuse it.