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Smith Corona PWP 350 Word Processor help


Veteran Member
May 26, 2007
I have a Smith Corona PWP 350 Word Processor I just picked up and I can't get it open to look inside. I took out two screws that hold the access cover in place, but I can't get it off until I remove the knob on the carriage return. That is the problem. I can't get it off to allow the cover to be removed. Anyone know how? It's a complete system that powers on but the CRT flickers when I click the on button. Sounds like a relay inside clicks, the screen flashes, then nothing. If I click on and off over and over the screen almost holds. No text though. I have a disk to try as well.

The guy who owned it, he left an IBM 5150 in his estate, the family chucked it with the monitor. I found what was left, software, manuals. box of printer paper and the keyboard.