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The CD player Holocaust...


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Jan 6, 2020
California, United States
The organization I work for receives pallets of donations from Amazon every week. It's usually returns and overstock of various newly produced items, but a couple weeks ago we got something unusual on one of these pallets - an entire box full of old and grimey portable CD players. Most of them didn't have production dates, but a few said 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively.

Day was slow today, so I took the liberty of testing each and every one I could. Don't have an exact count, but I'd like to say there were over 45 CD players total. No major brands like Sony from what I could tell, just a bunch of noname brands with Japanese, Korean and Chinese company names. Over half of the players (I'd like to say 60% of them) were completely dead junk. Broken lids, shattered/ruined LCD's, corroded/missing battery terminals, no signs of life, etc. 12 do power on, but of those only a whopping two of them actually read and play CD's. Might be able to revive some of those by cleaning the lasers though... we'll see. The remainder (totaling 9 players) I wasn't able to test since they use weirdly shaped 1.2v batteries that we didn't have on hand.

Photos: trash can full of the ones that didn't work. The two stacks of boxes are the ones that either showed some signs of life or I couldn't test.
Doesn't Amazon sell most of their return pallets? I wonder if the donated pallets are just randomly selected, or if you are getting the bottom of the barrel.
Any Amazon returns from selling partners that can't be returned to that partner is either recycled or shredded. Since this stuff seems old, I assume it was just shop cleaning from a selling partner that is no more.