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trouble booting hard drive on Lo-tech(XTIDE)


Experienced Member
Aug 17, 2011
Huntingdon, U.K
I am having trouble getting a hard drive to partition format and boot from a LoTech Lo-tech 8-bit IDE Adapter rev.3 see here. I have flashed the XTIDE universal "IDE_XT.bin" bios flashed to the rom and I have tried various hard drives which are recognised by the bios but the problem is I cannot see any partitions on the drives. I can create a partition using FDISK and it seems to work but when I reboot the partition is not visible. However, if I take the hard disk out and try it in another pc the partition I created is indeed there. For some reason my Lo-tech board is not seeing any partitions. I get the same result if I use a CF card instead of a hard drive as well.
Ive spent days trying various things and I just cant seem to find anything that works.
Please please please can someone help me sort this.


Veteran Member
Jul 16, 2009
Is this a new build ?, If so i would triple check all solder joints and re-flow any that look suspicious, If you are 100% sure all solder joints are good then i would start checking / Replacing IC's. I've had this problem before where FDISK would go through the motions of creating a partition but upon reboot it would report that no partitions existed, In my case it was on one of my R1 XT-IDE boards not a lo-tech board. It turned out to be an IC gone bad and once replaced problem solved, I think it was either a 245 or 688 IC that went bad, I can't remember which now it was a long time ago.