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USB Floppy Drive (GOTEK or Clone)


New Member
Dec 21, 2018
Sisters, OR
I have GOTEK and GOTEK Clone USB Floppy drives with the Flash Floppy firmware loaded so it emulates many vintage floppy disk drives, including the DEC RX50 and RX33 floppy disk drive.

I specialize in DEC RX33/RX50 emulation and can supply USB Thumb Drives with RX33 and / or RX50 disk images, including images of the DEC XXDP diagnostic library and DEC RT-11 V5.4G distro.

I can also load your RX50 or RX33 floppy diskettes on to a USB Thumb Drive and supply you with a GOTEK Flash Floppy disk emulator for your RX50 or RX33.
Which Gotek model works with RX50?
Any of them that can run FlashFloppy firmware will emulate an RX50 or RX33. Two would be needed to provide the functionality of the RX50. Also note that the DEC Pro350 fails the floppy drives during POST if the first drive does not have an image mounted at boot.