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Where can I get ribbon and paper, ecetera fora Commodore model VIC-1525 printer?

Jan 26, 2011
Where can I get ribbon and paper, etcetera for a Commodore model VIC-1525 printer? I also need the cable that plugs in to the back the service manual and software for the printer above. I also would consider reinking if any one can tell me how to reink the above that would be appreciated a I also would like to know names and addresses and telephone numbers of who can reink for me.
If the information has been given to me correctly the above printer is made by Seikosha which is a division of Seiko (spelling?) and uses a LP-VII ribbon assembly. LP-VII is the same as gp80a/100a/100at and Axiom A-80m I have not contacted the above businesses about this yet though have tried to do a goggle non product an product search though have not found what I am looking for yet. I am informed that ribbons for all Commodore printers are often hard to find I thought of getting a different Commodore printer if I could find a ribbon manufacturer who has not discontinued the ribbon for it. Any ideas?