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Moderated Users

Moderated Users

New Users

New users are directly moderated so that we can weed spammers out early. This means that for your first 10 posts you will have some restrictions placed on your account, specifically around posting, private messages and some other things listed here.

We understand this can be disruptive to the flow of conversation and we try to keep up with our new user moderation duties to avoid undue inconvenience. Please do not make duplicate posts, extra posts to bump your post count, or ask the moderators to expedite this process; 10 moderated posts will go by quickly.

Existing Users

Existing users may find themselves back into moderated status due to a violation of our rules, and if they are, then these restrictsions will also apply to them. More information about our disipline policies can be read here.


  • Your posts are reviewed by moderators before they are posted and publicly viewable.
  • You cannot send DMs (direct messages), but you can receive them and reply to them.