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  • Hi Aaron!
    Welcome back! The N8VEM project is going along slowly but steadily. I did finish the ECB backplane PCBs and sent a bunch of those out. They seem to work fine. I am using one on the workbench right now.

    After that I designed an ECB bus monitor and just received the PCBs. I haven't built one yet but plan to do it soon. It is sort of like a Jade Bus Monitor for S-100 but recrafted for the ECB.

    Work continues on the Disk IO board. The IDE section is working great. The FDC section is under test. I restarted the prototype and have been writing software for it. The Disk IO FDC section can reliably read and write sectors and format tracks on IBM PC formatted floppy disks 360K, 720K, 1.2M, and 1.4M sizes. I am almost finished with the hardware modifications and and the "disk monitor" software is evolving. I will probably start a CBIOS before too long.

    There are a couple of BOM/parts list on the N8VEM website. They are constantly being adjusted so you might want to post what you are going with.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    Andrew Lynch
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