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    The Journey of the Laptop

    Sit down and I'll tell ye of a fantastical tale all of which spent a year in the making, and resulted in 12 hours of work to achieve one final product. I've wanted a laptop for awhile now. Nothing fancy or powerful, mind you, just enough to take notes and do some writing. Heck, even a 386...
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    PCMCIA floppy drive for Compaq Contura laptop

    I need an external PCMCIA floppy disk drive for the Compaq Contura Aero 4/25 series. If you have one, please contact me! Thank you.
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    I think it's safe to say...

    ... that the Pentium class processors (P54, P55C) can be considered legacy. I see that pretty much all of the vintage computing sites stop their definitions of legacy processors at 486. Pentium debuted in 1994 if I can recall correctly. That's 10 years. I personally consider all Pentium...
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    AMD 80386DX processor and coprocessor, clock crystal

    I'm perhaps interested in doing some legacy overclocking. I got a very nice 386 motherboard with an AMD 33MHz processor in it right now as well as 20MB of RAM (4 sticks of 4MB and 4 sticks of 1MB). My goal would be to get the AMD 40MHz processor and matching coprocessor and overclock the system...
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    TLL monitor on CGA graphics card?

    Hello everyone. Whilst rummaging through my vast collection of computer crap I came across a 286 motherboard and suddenly had the urge to make a machine for no real reason... ... so I put it all together and I realized I still had an amber monochrome Zenith monitor lying around - which I...
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    Pentium 200 non-MMX processor

    I have a P54C motherboard that I have pretty tripped out now as a secondary Windows system. 64MB EDO RAM, 512KB L2 chache, however the fastest processors I have for it are only a Pentium 133 and an IBM 6x86 P150+ 120MHz. So therefore, if anyone has a Pentium 200 non-MMX processor that they are...
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    Memory for Panasonic KX-P4430 laser printer

    Not exactly vintage, I know, but I have a laser printer that I'd like to put more memory into due to the size of the documents I usually print. If anyone has one, please get in touch with me.
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    Missing Disk 1 from Windows 95 A Floppy Set

    Hello everyone. I'm just curious if anyone could possibly help me? I have a 386 system I'd like to try installing Windows 95 A onto, just for the sake of trying it, and I have what I thought was a complete disk set of Win95A on 13 floppies, but it turns out I'm missing the first installation...
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    User name change.

    This is just to let everyone know that I have changed my user name from Super-Slasher to this. I'm posting this just to prevent some confusion. You may go about your normal business. :o