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    6 minutes snap-on 386SX to 486 upgrade "chip"

    Hey guys, what do you think about this 6 minutes snap-on 386SX to 486 upgrade "chip" I saw on an informaticaviejuna's Instagram post? I had no idea such a thing even existed!!! (and how in the world would it work "disabling" the 386 CPU that is left underneath since the motherboard clearly...
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    The real unicorn: a working 40 MHz VLB bus

    Hello fellow retrocomputerers! With 40 MHz FSB 486 CPUs (such as Am486 DX2-80 and Am486 DX4-120), what VLB and PCI motherboards can surely have the actual VLB or PCI slots actually running at actual 40 MHz without needing to add crappy wait states or down-clocking the slots at 27 MHz? Do you...
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    Filling the DOS gap of the at that time so-called Windows Accelerator SVGA cards

    Hello retro friends! :) I was wondering... Remember that in the good old days we were all puzzled by the following to be or not to be situation: • Either go with older SVGA cards which are great for DOS performance and DOS games (of course the first example that comes up is the Tseng ET4000)...
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    486 DX CPU + 487 FPU in dedicated FPU socket

    Hi all! I wonder what would have happened in those good old 486 systems with both CPU and FPU sockets if this scenario were to happen: • 486 SX CPU replaced with a 486 DX one • 487 FPU installed in its socket We would have then 1 CPU and 2 FPUs! 1) Would non-multiprocessing operating systems...