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    Unix Bookshelves.....

    Any chance that implementation is online or can be shared somewhere?
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    What is the total number of Tandy 1000s sold?

    This was very much the Tandy business model across the board, not limited to PCs or even computers in general. The end of the TRS-80 Color Computer line had them dumping maxed out CoCo 3s for next to nothing just to clear out the stock, even if they were taking a huge loss on each one. They...
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    Mid Atlantic FTGH: Full manual set Digital Unix 4

    I have a full (3 of the smaller bankers boxes) manual set for DUnix 4 along with various supplements from the time, so a few things are Tru64. Free to anyone who wants to pick it up in Central VA, do Not want to ship (because I don't really have suitable boxes unless I seal the bankers boxes...
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    1982 Kaypro II no display

    The cable is fine (original) but the plastic phone plug itself managed to crack a few years ago and it won't retain the cable. I was wondering if anyone had had a similar problem and knew of a preferred replacement that won't look like a sad kludge.
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    1982 Kaypro II no display

    Not to hijack, but does anyone have a recommendation on a replacement keyboard jack for a Kaypro II? For the keyboard plug, rather than the rear of the computer.
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    AT&T UNIX PC enthusiasts out there?

    I was absolutely obsessed with these when I was in high school about twenty years ago, they were up there with Lisas and Sun 3s as unobtainium. I found this a while back but haven't gotten around to playing with it much: https://www.philpem.me.uk/code/3b1emu The MGR source code is around...
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    COSMAC ELF-II with VIP preproduction chip, by netronics

    I purchased this via craigslist last year with the intent of repairing it or donating it to one of the usual museums, but life happens and I'm in need of money, so I'd like to sell this for whatever price seems fair based on the market to the community. The person I bought it from was the...
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    Restoring a 190CS

    I picked up a 190CS from ebay a little while ago to work on as a new project, it's been a long time since I last worked on a classic 68k mac and I thought I'd like to try it out again. I had several powerbooks over the years, (140, 180 and 540C iirc) but never a 190CS and it looked as it it...
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    What experience can anyone share in building a case for your computer

    This one is open to the S-100 people. I'm slowly building a retrobrew MSX2, along with a zx spectrum clone board. i think this might be a good case for an 8-bit computer where you have to build a keyboard, but i don't know how to cut metal. it seems like it will fit the keyboard i built for...
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    NMNA Most complete Microvax II BA23

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Digital-DEC-MicroVAX-II-BA23-Rack-12MB-RD53-2xM2322K-TS05-TK50-VT100-Spares-Docs/223934690818 Digital DEC MicroVAX II BA23 Rack 12MB RD53 2xM2322K TS05 TK50 VT100 Spares/Docs Never seen a more fully complete system for sale, no idea how much it will go for due to the...
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    NMNA HP Integral Unix PC

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/402066611328?ViewItem=&item=402066611328 I don't have the cash to spare on this, but someone needs to pick it up. HP-UX and a windowing system in ROM, it's one of my unicorns of the mid-80s push towards commercializing Unix along with the 7300/3b1.