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    How did C programmers use sprintf without overflow/error before snprintf existed?

    Did programmers just check the format specifications in the format string and/or test with max values to determine how many characters sprintf would output to the string?
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    Wanted: Borland Turbo C Run-time Library Source Code

    The Borland Turbo C 2.0 Reference Guide states there was an order form to send to Borland to get the Turbo C run-time library source code. Does anyone know where I might find the source code?
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    18V AC Adapter For 18V Drive Measuring At 24V?

    I have an Toshiba AC adapter for an external Toshiba 5.25" drive. The adapter is almost certainly original to the drive. Both the adapter and the drive labels read: DC 18V 0.6A For output and input respectively. For input, the AC adapter label reads: AC 120V 60Hz 25W The adapter is...
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    DOS 2.11 NOW Redirection Bug?

    Why does redirecting the output of NOW to a file result in the zeroes in the time code being put on a second line in the file? Assume it is 2:03:04:18 when this is executed: > now > a.txt > type a.txt It is now March 24 2021, 2:3:4.18 . 00 Assume it is 2:03:14:18 when this is executed...
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    Has anyone else encountered the inexplicable wrong-size stuck screw?

    I'm working on getting a keyboard freed from an old luggable and one screw in a deep channel won't come out. It appears stuck in the channel. I eventually realize it's not actually holding the keyboard on, get the keyboard off, and get the screw out of the channel by simultaneously turning it...
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    What is a "Printer Port LED" (for a Toshiba T3200SX)?

    Well, perhaps this floating module might have something to do with it? :shock: I notice that if I have the bit order backwards, the initial error code is: 1001 0100 Which would correspond to this POST message: 94h: 1st 64KB memory error Which is a Halt error. That could make sense based...
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    What is a "Printer Port LED" (for a Toshiba T3200SX)?

    I am troubleshooting a Toshiba T3200SX that turns on, but shows nothing on screen and doesn't make any beeps or show disk activity except an initial flash of the disk activity and key lamps. In the maintenance manual, I found mention of a "Printer Port LED" that can be plugged into the parallel...
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    What problems did APPEND in DOS solve?

    For those of you who used DOS back in the day, what problems was the APPEND command used to solve? I (think) I understand what it does and have tested it to see I can access a file from another directory without specifying its path once I have APPEND loaded with its path, but I am trying to...
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    Fixing Broken Mechanical Switch Key Stem On Nakajima Printer?

    What is the best way to fix a broken key stem on a mechanical switch of an old Nakajima daisy wheel printer to put the key cap back on? The "Online" key broke off at the stem during shipping. I'd like to repair it in a way that lasts. I don't have another unit of the same model, so...
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    Short-form alternative to NOW in an MS-DOS 3.3 batch file?

    DATE and TIME prompt for date and time entry and do not have flags to bypass the prompt. NOW writes out a long sentence like: It is now February 16 2021, 1:23:32.06 . Can we get a condensed datetime stamp like this? 2021-02-16 01:23
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    Referencing argument with spaces in MS-DOS 3.3 batch file?

    batch.bat contains this: @echo %1 Results: C>batch hello hello C>batch hello string hello C>batch "hello string" "hello How can the batch file reference an argument with spaces in it? This pattern concatenates arguments, but runs out of argument variables after 8 spaces between 9 strings...
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    1987-1989 Backup Technology/Practices?

    What were the best backup technologies and practices during the 1987-1989 period for non-networked computers? A few use cases (all on a 286 with an internal hard drive to stay within this forum's hardware period): An author writing a book who wants to ensure the manuscript is not lost before...
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    Wanted: Toshiba T3200 "Reference" and "First Time" Manuals

    I'm looking for the following Toshiba T3200 manuals, either physical items or scans, borrowed or to keep: Toshiba T3200 Reference Guide Toshiba T3200 First Time Here is what they look like: http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/4589/Toshiba-T3200-Portable-Reference-Manual/...