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    Updated- Computer Games for Sale

    I was originally selling 7 computer games/items as a group. After requests for specific games, I decided to sell them individually. Following is a list of the remaining games/items with prices. Shipping is additional. If interested, please send a Private Message. I will note any sold games in...
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    Group of Computer Games/Items For Sale

    I am selling 7 computer games/items as a group. After surveying the games and checking sold listings on EBay, I have compiled what I consider a fair price. Please send a Private Message if interested. 1. SimCity: the earliest and most expensive game by MAXIS 1989, for IBM, Tandy, and 100%...
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    Books and Manuals

    I have the following books/manuals from computers that I recycled. If you are interested in any of them, send your offer in PM. They will be available until November 20, at which time, the books/manuals will be recycled. 1. The Concise Guide to Windows Operating System Version 3.11 - 1992 2...
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    Two CD-ROM drives - go to recycle Tuesday

    LITE-ON I.T. CORP. CD-ROM Model LTN-486 Imation CD-RW 8x2x20 from 1999 IMW080220IS These drives were removed from desktop computers before the computers were recycled and were working before that time. They have been stored in my home since. (Good question- why? And I have no good answer.) I...
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    For sale- Two Vintage WarCraft Games

    1. WarCraft Orcs & Humans: MS-DOS 3.5" disks (four disks), WarCraft Orcs manual (copyright 1994 by Blizzard Entertainment) in excellent condition, original box in excellent condition Price $7.00 2. WarCraft II Tides of Darkness: MS-DOS CD-ROM (Compatible with MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 3.1...
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    Canon Notejet trackball mouse and manual for sale

    Trackball mouse and Owner's Manual for Canon Notejet 486 series. Location: Texas
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    TOSHIBA 3100e/40 for sale

    Hello from toasty Texas. My Toshiba 3100e/40 is in working condition using an electric cord. The monitor looks good, and there are no dead pixels. Programs like Works are accessible from the hard drive. The case has a few minor blemishes. PM me for more information or more pictures. A...
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    Pickett 7' Slide Rule

    Early computing device from the 60s. This seven foot slide rule was used for demonstration teaching. I live in Texas. Any interest?
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    Toshiba T3100e/40

    Is there any interest in a Toshiba T3100e/40 that is in working condition?