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    Reelmagic MPEG Software

    I have a Sigma Designs Reelmagic MPEG decoder card working in my 386. Currently I only have the ReelMagic version of Return to Zork to run on it. I am now looking for any other ReelMagic MPEG games. These are not the standard versions of the games, they are specifically written for the...
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    AWE64 problems

    I'm trying to consolidate my parts stockpile into systems so I can get rid of them. The machine I'm working on at the moment is: UM8810 rev 1.1 BIOS 3.2J Am5x86-133 16MB 60ns RAM single SIMM 512KB 15ns cache S3 Trio DX 2MB AWE64 CT4500 DOS6.22 (no windows) I seem to have hit a...
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    WTB boxed sound cards

    I've got a modest collection of boxed sound cards that I'm looking to expand. Currently I have: Creative Music System Gravis Ultrasound (original version) Sound Blaster 1.5 CT1320 sealed Sound Blaster Pro Sound Blaster 16 Basic Sound Blaster AWE32 (missing manuals) So if you have anything...
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    Parts for Amiga 1000 Phoenix restoration

    I've recently picked up an Amiga 1000 with a Phoenix upgrade board in it. Although it looks trashed it actually cleaned up really well and the board still works. I'm mainly after the front faceplate for the amiga 1000 case, mainly the centre part that can be removed to fit the Chipram...
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    Help with Seagate ST251 hard drive

    Hi, I have an ST251 in my 286 machine which has been a bit temperamental lately. It's quite erratic, you can hear it spin up on boot but occasionally it just won't get detected at POST. Sometimes I'll be using it for an hour or so and i'll get a Seek Error or Sector Not Found, and the C drive...
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    Am5x86 on UM8810P

    I have an ECS UM8810P-AIO rev 1.1 which I'm trying to use with an Am5x86-133. I have seen other people using this combo on the internet before but I'm not having any luck. The board won't recognise the CPU. Comes up as '??? 100MHz'. It will boot with an ADZ stepping CPU but it seems quite...
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    Amiga haul

    I've made a bit of a haul today... click for large Amiga 500, Amiga 1200/HD40, Commodore 1084S-D2 monitor, stack of disks and original manuals/warranty card :) the 500 has a 512KB RAM expansion too. I'm pretty new to Amiga though, don't really know much about them... I'll have to leaf...
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    EGA monitor wrong colors

    I have an old EGA monitor, an ECM-5400 I'm using a Paradise PEGA-1A EGA adapter, presumably this one http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/graphics-cards/A-B/AUVA-COMPUTER-INC-EGA-Monochrome-HEGA-II.html I've noticed that some EGA games have odd colors. I ran a DIAGS utility that I found on a Hyundai...
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    80287 question

    Hi I have a Chaintech ELT-286B-1000-SM with a 10MHz 286 processor. I can't find any info about it on the web. here's a photo, sorry for large size and bad quality. I have an 8MHz 80287 copro in a DIP package. I've read that 287's run at a 2/3 divider from the system clock. So the 8MHz copro...
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    Price check - Amiga 1200

    Hi Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I wasn't sure it was appropriate for the marketplace forums. I have the opportunity to buy an Amiga 1200 with a PCMCIA compact flash adapter, plus CF card and DVD full of games/software. The asking price is $200 Is this a fair price? Thanks
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    WTB 486 3.3V adapter, and 'Solitaire's Journey' DOS game

    Hi I am looking for a 486 voltage adapter to allow 3.3V processors like the DX4 or 5x86 to run in a 5V only board. Don't necessarily need a CPU but will buy one if its part of the deal. I am also looking for an old DOS game called 'Solitaire's Journey' by QQP. Please note I am specifically...
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    486 Overdrive no boot

    Hi guys, really scratching my head on this one. I have an IH4077C motherboard. I think its made either by Mitac or Chaintech. Note that there is an IH4077D on TH99/stason but its very different to this board. For starters, my board doesn't have onboard IDE/floppy/serial, and only supports 5V...