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WTB boxed sound cards


Experienced Member
Mar 24, 2011
Gold Coast, Australia
I've got a modest collection of boxed sound cards that I'm looking to expand.

Currently I have:
Creative Music System
Gravis Ultrasound (original version)
Sound Blaster 1.5 CT1320 sealed
Sound Blaster Pro
Sound Blaster 16 Basic
Sound Blaster AWE32 (missing manuals)

So if you have anything that I don't already please let me know :)
Located in Australia but I'm willing to pay postage.
thanks for the sound cards modem7 :)

Little bit of a bump here.

I'm really looking for a complete, boxed AWE64 to round out my collection.

I am willing to offer up in trade a Roland RAP-10 with manual (no box)
I also have some more mundane cards like SB Pro's and 16's as well if that tickles your fancy (plus cash of course)

There is a boxed AWE64 on ebay US at the moment but for some reason the seller refuses to ship internationally :(