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  • What is in the Model 8580? I don't need it, but perhaps someone else does.

    Open 'er up and get a shot where I can see the component side of the cards.
    I actually have many MCA cards besides the ones inside the tower.
    Sorry, I checked the Color Computer reference and I had forgotten about the CoCo.

    Anyway, what are you asking for the SE and SE/30?
    You're in California? Come up to Hesperia and take a look, it will be worth your time
    In your listing, by Color Computer, I assume you mean Macintosh Color Classic and Color Classic II. AM I correct?
    dreddnott, I applaud your desire to see all of these machines go to a collector to be saved rather than just dumping them at ewaste.
    Unfortunately I'm not terribly interested in anything except the 8630 and MSC cards to go with it. I'm down in San Diego and driving up to pick up the machine is not in the cards for me until Christmas time or later.

    I'm down in San Diego but mid home renovations for a new house, then moving. then more renovations.

    If you do not find anyone to rescue these, I will let you twist my arm some in the future to see what we can do.

    Letting you know there is interest, I'm just not in a place to handle it myself currently.

    Please do not save the IBM for me in any way if someone else will take it in the meantime!

    Thank you
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