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  • Hey Dwite, I have noticed a lot of the links at the top of the VCF website, do not seem to be working. Like when I click on Museum or Events.
    Dwight Elvey
    I've not figured the trick to get this MB to work right. I'm not surprise things are not working right.
    Hey Dwight,
    Love reading through your old KIM-1 debugging thread. I have a working KIM-1 and have been playing around with it and making a few videos, on some simple assembly language programs that can be typed in on the keypad. That use the 6530 to create small bread board project.
    I am getting to the point that I would like to connect my KIM-1 to a terminal program running on my computer. So, I guess I need to create a current loop to RS 232 adapter. Do you have any drawings that can help me wire something like this up? After that, I would have to learn how to use it, as well.

    Also, I do not know what your affiliation is with the VCF, but I was just chatting with Earl Baugh, President AHCS who is involved in the VCF SE events, up in Atlanta GA.
    I wanted to entertain the idea that we start a VCF Florida down here in Orland Fl. YEAH !!!
    I know there are no VCF single State Events, but does that mean it would not be impossible, or like our vintage computers, would this just be a new evolution? Then maybe a VCF Texas, as our friend Mike Douglas @ www.deramp.com would be a real show stopper down there. Anyway, I would like your thoughts on this idea.

    Maybe we should start a new thread so that everyone who might think this a good idea can make their own comments and suggestions.
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