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  • I just had an edit of an existing post "flagged as potential SPAM" to be "reviewed by a moderator".

    How tight are the settings here?
    Hello, I was wondering if you have any early Integer ROM's, or plastic 6502 CPU that you would consider selling? I'm restoring an early Apple II. Please let me know.
    Felt like I should congratulate you for keeping this site going for the last 10 years. :D (I only just noticed this myself :D )
    Hey Erik,
    How about some mention of the Vintage Computer Fest-Midwest like you posted for the VCF-east in NJ?

    Here's the post I made under EVENTS>>>

    The Vintage Computer Fest-Midwest 7.0 is happening for 2012 near Chicago, US!

    It will be the last weekend in September, the 29th
    and 30th.
    Mark your calendars and spread these links around!

    Hi Erik. I'm a new member searching for help on my Osborne I power supply. Other members are helping me, and one pointed me to the SAMS schematics for the Osborne I that are posted here on the site. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. Can I make a (small) donation to the forum? Thanks. Tom (nutmegct)

    I sold my Osborne portable, and want to remove the post. I cannot figure out how to do this. I go to the edit button, but there is not delete button. Can you help me?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "clean" the disks, but if you are worried about what's on them then you're probably best just keeping them or destroying them.
    Dear Erik
    Have you any suggestions for me?
    I want to give away my Amstrad 8256 with manuals, disks, only I have 30+ disks that I would like to clean before I part with it. I replaced the drive belt only for the write protection pin to fall out, so I cannot clean the disks. I could try to do the repair myself, but then if I could borrow an Amstrad from who ever is going to have my 8256 to clean the disks with, that would be helpful.

    I look forward to your suggestions


    stopped in to tell you that without you, a few more vintage computers would probibly buried in a landfill somewhere in /dev/null and we wouldn't have this great place to be together in.

    Great site. Incredibly helpfull. I guess the "friends" thing on your page is broken; you're everybody's friend!
    Thanks for creating this site! I have learned a lot from your collection and from the users that share on this forum! I'm glad that I finally registered for a user name instead of just visiting the board.

    Is it possible to add a category for Ohio Scientific Inc (OSI) systems?

    Also, perhaps a category for Single Board Computers (KIM-1, ET-3400, MCS-85, etc)?

    I've got two threads on Vintage Computer Items Wanted, that I have noted as closed.
    Just thought I'd let you know that you can delete them if you want.
    I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if you're registered. Please let me know if that's not the case.

    I hope that any new human verification proceedure won't keep me from posting with my cellphone. It's my lifeline, until I get a new computer, and these human verifications never work on it's browser.

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