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    Interesting NCR EGA/HD/FD Controller Card

    These card are the MFM controller board and the EGA / VGA video card that is plugged into the MFM controller in the PC8 and PC810 NCR computers
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    Need help / info for NCR 286 single board computer

    these pictures are the typical pcb boards of NCR pc8 and PC810 computers. NCR architecture uses a riser board to plug in CPU, MFM controller and Video Card
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    Recently acquired a beautiful, mysterious Toshiba T3200SXC

    Nice to see that touchscreen controller installed on this Toshiba, but genuine Toshiba LCD is not a touch screen so need a digitalizer installed in front of the lcd to generate desired functionallity. Have you double-check if it has a digitalizer?
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    Toshiba T3200SXC Backlight Experimentation

    Hi, is the LTM10C013 phisically equivalent to the LQ10D013 in order to be fitted on the chassis? Let us know how is your repairment /sustitution best regards,
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    NCR PC810 or PC720

    Dear all, Searching for a NCR pc810 or a pc720, if you have one or want to trade, please tell me. Thanks you all.
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    Toshiba T5200 combination lock problem

    Hi guys, I have a Toshiba T5200 that is locked with a combination lock (a similar suitcase combination lock). Is there a way to open it without damage? can I dissassble it dissasembling computer? Best regards,
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    Looking for Miniscribe 8225AT or 8450AT

    Looking for these stepper motor AT (IDE) drives. If someone has one of these please contact to me. I can trade a lot of hard disk drives (most of them MFM) Best regards