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  • Hopefully, you have seen the email I sent to the classiccmp list but if not here it is anyway:

    Subject: Romania: complete PDP-11/93 on offer for $

    As I have a webpage (www.retroComputingTasmania.com) describing my attempts to resurrect an PDP 11/93 I was contacted by a company from Resita, Romania who have just decommissioned an 11/93 in operation since 1993; it includes 5 DEC VT terminals and a non-functioning line printer.

    They describe it as a "PDP 11/93 193 QZ-D3, model HB9642- JB"

    They are inviting offers for this system, in their words "...for a fair price proposal.".

    Cellphone quality pictures sent to me are linked here:


    Please contact Zoltan Korka (zkorka AtThisDomain resitareductoare.com)
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