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    Mid Atlantic IBM Floppy drive YD580 : $80

    Philadelphia and yup but this one in particular was sold to Sorphin I'll have to get back to you with another soon.
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    Mid Atlantic IBM Floppy drive YD580 : $80

    This is a Floppy drive I pulled from an old IBM 5170 a few years ago in working condition I have a bunch laying around so I'll sell them in this thread.
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    Mid Atlantic [NJ] Commodore 64 and Vic 20 Lot

    Nice I'm close to you may have to stop by and pick them up do you have anything else?
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    Mid Atlantic Thinkpads for sale T23, X200S, G40

    Guess I can't edit my post title now? I'm from the mid Atlantic Philadelphia PA if you want to do a pickup make sure to leave a comment and message me thanks! ✌️
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    Mid Atlantic IBM 5170 $370 shipped (ask for international price)

    PayPal works with Venmo Cashapp is for local pickups I also use zelle for locals as well.
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    Mid Atlantic IBM 5170 $370 shipped (ask for international price)

    Was unable to sell this one last year due to health issues but now that I'm better I can ship it any where to whoever needs it (yes I can ship it outside the country but it will cost more to do so) here are some photos for you guys. 😊 The ones I bring in usually have terrible tops but this...
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    Mid Atlantic Thinkpads for sale T23, X200S, G40

    I've got a ton of laptops I'll be letting go this year mainly old thinkpads these are the three I'll be selling this month if interested make sure to PM me and check back in for more. ☮️ T23 has wifi card, DVD drive, ram no hard drive comes with charger. $60 shipped X200s has wifi card, DVD...
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    FS: YD-380 1.2mb Floppy Disk Drive IBM 5170

    Used Floppy Disk Drive from a IBM 5170 that I'm parting out message me for the link to my online shop or Cashapp me. If you're looking for more parts let me know I have a ton from IBM thanks. :D
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    IBM 5170 parts for sell!

    Doing meet ups only for now if you're located in or near philly and need a part let me know, thanks :)
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    Looking for info on a old HP Server

    It's a HP NetServer 5/133 LH All I know is that some people have been able to install linux on these things, I'm not sure why they'd want to do this but I'd like to know if they can do any thing cool with them. Also wondering if there are any collectors on here.
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    Just looking for info on some vintage servers and PCs I'll be here often asking questions and possibly selling parts.