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  • Hi Hargle,

    How's it going dude? It's Dennis, we had some dealings a long time ago about getting the XT-IDE controller working in a HeadStart machine (Explorer and LX-40). I seem to have misplaced the ROM file you provided back then: http://www.waste.org/~winkles/xtide_011.zip and I really think I've saved it but I can't find it anymore. So going through the posts got me back on track with you and the above link. You don't happen to have that file still available? Someone contacted me about not getting his XT-IDE working in a HeadStart Explorer (Exploder) and he wanted that file, but again I seem to have misplaced it (I'm not the kind of person to throw things away but I can't find it anywhere in my 2+ TB of data).

    Thanks and best from Dennis
    hey dennis,
    That BIOS of mine has been completely usurped by the XTIDE universal BIOS (XUB) which can be downloaded here:

    If you absolutely must have my v0.11 BIOS, I can still make it available, but I strongly suggest going the XUB route for better features and compatibility.
    Enjoyed picking up my XT IDE kit and geeking out, looking forward to the build and testing now, Thanks man :)
    hey how can i buy one xt-ide kit from you ? or when can i but them from !!! i got an old 8088 email me asiawatcher@hotmail.com
    Shipped two boxes your way this afternoon. The keyboard is 1Z78285W0304959577& the 1000SX is 1Z78285W0329041485. You are scheduled for delivery on Tuesday, the 22nd. Your memory has been beefed up to a whopping 640KB. My spare Cirrus VGA went "Tango-Uniform" so you'll get it with the DIP position #1 set to CGA or "On". "Off" is for VGA. You can use a full sized 16-bit ISA video card if it physically fits. DIP positions #2, #3, & #4 are for IRQ's -5, 6, & 7 respectively. I included to 2 Tandy MS-DOS 3.2 disks so you can boot the thing. Seems to run pretty good - had it on all afternoon. BTW, on my personal 1000SX, which has a ST-225 and Western Digital controller (modified - using IRQ 2 I think), didn't have to play with the IRQ's. But that MFM setup is a whole lot different setup compared to the IDE. If you need anything let me know. P.S. there is the chassis "bridge" laying on top - it needs to snap in when you get it open.
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