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    ETH Lilith DPU-board remake

    This board has now proven to be functional, and I already found a first fault in my Lilith using it. Alas it is not the only fault...
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    TU60 TA8E / M8331 maindec and caps-8 questions

    I do not have a TU60 : other than "it works" i have not received feedback on how well they keep up. I'll append the .scad file for this and some others rollers I have made. Material I used is Ninjaflex TPU 3DNF0517505 Print @220 Celsius with 90% infill, using half-speed (30mm/s) and check feed...
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    Looking for 68000 or 68008 SBC

    I can offer you a Philips OM5040, which is a Eurocard sized development system with the Philips 68070....
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    Intertec System 10

    Let us resurrect this thread... This very system now passed into my hands. Definitly not a S100 system, but a neat package with a Pertex 277 combined with a much hacked Z80 CPU card and a 1771 FDC card. Pics below. Sadly no disks to go with it, so I am tempted to transplant the Pertec into a...
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    The Computation Company

    Never heared of this system, but somebody got herself a cheap Persci floppy drive !
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    Western Europe Cromemco system 3 with C3101 terminal : asking 650 CHF

    For Sale in Switzerland ( and around...) a Cromemco system 3 in working condition, i.e. boots into RDOS. Contains : ZPU, 4FDC, 65KZ and PRI S100 cards. Does NOT contain any floppy drives. for pics see https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/cromemco-system-3-s100-system-mit-c3101-terminal-1212538516/...
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    Thoughts on minicomputer to microcomputer transition (PDP to Macintosh)

    A guy in Switzerland sells huge posters covering the computer revolution in great detail. See https://wemakeit.com/projects/das-neue-computerposter?locale=de
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    VCF Zürich / Switzerland on 19 & 20 November 2022

    ..as always, in the "Rote Fabrik", near Lake Zürich. admission 7 CHF. See https://vintagecomputerfestival.ch We will have Smaky Computers ( working) and some Liliths from the ETH Museum ( probably display only) in addition to the regular exhibits. Prof. Gutknecht will be attending. Pre-corona...
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    Trivector minicomputer / Megatronics disc drives

    Said system is now with me, currently (slowly..) restoring the Diablo drive. The system MB has place for 3 identical Z80 cpu setups, of which 2 are populated. I'd welcome any info on this system, but will not probably go as far as programming in Cobol !
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    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    Find the BM8/L documentation appended. Note that the scanned documents were very poor quality to start with, so the result is less than perfect. I also scanned the netlist info, but that is too large to include here.. For those just tuning in : the BM8/L is an extension for the PDP8/L, allowing...
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    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    My unit is not tested, currently unused, and the cables from the 8/L are stored away savely. The omnibus you see currently serves as a storage space for some spare Omnibus cards. I'll see about scanning the document, it does contain the module placement overview.
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    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    Yes, found the document. Bad news in that they are a third generation photocopy and oversized .Though job to scan.... Some pics of my unit :
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    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    Would this be the BM08/L, which allows Omnibus memory to be used on the PDP8/L ? If so I should have the documentation.
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    Please ID this Data General diskdrive...

    Thanks, very helpfull indeed ! I.ll contact the seller with some questions... [edit] its is indeed a Data Genal 6227. A single platter version of this drive is discussed here : https://www.datageneral.uk/restorations/6220-5mb-winchester/ Used as an external disk in the MPT/100 series.
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    Please ID this Data General diskdrive...

    This Data General disk drive came into my possession today : sadly it was changed into a showpiece by directly driving the disk and not much else. Probably toast by now.. I can recognize the serial IO typical of the micronova series, but not much else. If someone can ID this drive?