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  • Hi Jon,

    I had originally posted w/ questions about XDriver for the Lo-Tech/Hans-02 combo under CP/M on my Model 12. But, I got it figured out. Either way I wanted to say your driver is great and I'm enjoying playing with it.

    Thank you - I think you are the only known user of it apart from me... but that doesn't matter, because I had so much fun writing it.
    I saw your thread about your 4032 with memory issues:
    My ROMulator board might be useful to you:

    It's a ROM/RAM replacement plus has debug functions, like halting the CPU and dumping the contents of RAM/ROM via a connection to a Raspberry PI. Also has daver's PETTEST ROM onboard as well as a couple of RAM/ROM tests I cooked up.
    Please let me know if interested, thanks.
    - Mike
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