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    Acer 710 8088

    Can Acer 710 handle both a VGA card and onboard CGA? I can only see on off on the motherboard schematics.
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    Gigabyte m61vme-s2 motherboard chipset, DOS support

    I am trying to set up emulation environment in DOS for my old favourits so i can boot directly into ATARI, AMIGA etc. But i am unable to find NIC and audio drivers for dos Motherboard is m61vme-s2, i am looking at internet and from what i can see it just does not support dos, i got the SATA DVD...
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    Damn those gui's

    Our new gadget almost got an old PC-XT guy have a heartattack. Damn those new GUI's after failure to login to the Android app shop, my wife suggested to reset the device and i did so. To my horror the device only booted halfway....... I feared some ****er decided to not make a full Android...
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    Acer 710 vs ITT PC XTRA

    Did ITT just put the thing together and branded it with their own name? They look just the same and both use the ACER 710 motherboard, or is it the other way around it is an ITT board branded as ACER? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSJxNXpO22o
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    Turtle Beach ISA cards

    Is it hard gettting hold of turtle beach ISA cards, are they expensive? (I only had gravis and creative ISA cards back then). I try get an idea of the order the cards was released and their differences. multisound classic, tahiti, monterey, fiji, tropez, pinnacle? Which had best sound most ram...
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    Original prices on Vintage gear

    I read a budget 8088 did cost 1600 dollar, was that with our without monochrome monitor? I also read that a ITT PC XTRA with MCGA did cost 4365 dollar why was it so expensive was it the 10 Mhz 8088 that set the price or something else about it? Can anyone estimate a price for a PC ´XTRA with a...
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    Feeling lucky, is the 3c509B compatible with 8088 using NE1000 drivers?

    This probably been discussed many times, the 3c509B will work in a 286 8-bit ISA slot however the driver require 286. I did try it with NE1000.com driver and it will load i have no idea if it connects with the actual board though, it even will load brutmans? tcpdrv.exe, ipxodi.com and lsl.com...
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    API for older windows versions 1.0 and 2.0?

    How was applications programmed for early windows, did they conform to a standard what language is the windows framework developed in. Did they have to license developing software to make a windows application?
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    Gettin win 2.03 running under Caldera DOS

    I tried to use <setver command.com 3.0> to change dos version reported but the screen just gobbles up with a lot of signs. I did setup to HD with no mouse. PC XT 100% compatible, VGA adapter is a 16 bit isa paradise clone (in 8-bit slot). I use a PC XTRA with 640 KB 128 KB extended (of no use...
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    Programming languages for x86 (8086 640 kb)

    Is there any newer programming languages ported for older computers. I know of Borland Pascal, and C and Basic and Fortran. But what about more rescent programming languages, maybe they have to high memory requirments?
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    MenuetOS and KolibriOS

    Anyone tried these on a 286? 4 MB in size and 10 MB in memory says KolibriOS both have webbrowser i do not know how advanced. I think i have a 286 board somewhere maybe i try. Need a case thoug. (sorry need pentium) JT
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    CI+ modules vs pccard

    Could a ci+ module in principle hold an CPU as well as OS on a rom? I know it is a standard for digital video transmission but i guess it do more then just transfer digital video maybe mpeg decoding or such? What prevents a CI+ module from holding an OS like Chrome or Android once memory and...
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    Serial midi driver for DOS, roland SC-7

    Was there a serial DOS driver delivered with Roland sound canvas 7, or did it came with the softsequensers, i have voyetra downloaded was freeware. I also lack the serial cable, where to get musicstore?
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    Would this work IDE/CF adapter -> SD/CF adapter -> EYE-FImemory

    Would this work as a wireless solution? I am a bit dreaming of someone implement a DOS driver, for my PC-XT, do the SD/CF adapter need a driver i do not think so? So it would just be a matter of driver for EYE-FI part of memory? Have anyone tried EYE-FI on newer computer, can it connect to a...
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    A real BS project or a possibility CF/IDE adapter-> SD/CF adapter->EYE-FImemory

    With a driver would this work???????????????? At least i think the SD/CF adapter in CF/IDE adapter work without driver or?????? With PC-XT driver it would be the most nifty little network card in the world, so beat me up with why it would not work :D