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  • Hi, Marion. I have a couple of IBM 6x86 chips:

    IBM26 6x86-2V2120GB (front)
    Copyright USA 1995 Cyrix, + datecode on rear

    I also have an IBM 6x86MX PR233 marked as "SAMPLE" (2.5x 75MHZ-2.9V CORE) and another with IBM26x86MX-AVAPR233GB 2.0x 83MHZ-2.9V CORE. And there's a final one with no markings at all on the front - probably a line test sample.
    Hi Steve, just saw your message now.

    Can you share some photos? Interested about last two for sure, first one I have at least one - but please send a photo as well. To and bottom to check codes and pins.

    Thanks, Marian
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