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    Wardialers? Code Scanners? Box Tone Generators for the Atari?

    I collect the type of software that is in the subject line.. Unfortunately not much from the Atari survived.. Yes, I have everything thats on archive.org - but I know there was much more as I was in the scene back in the day. Unfortunately an incident in the early 90's rendered me without any...
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    ISO Celerity BBS Software 2.05 - released on 12/31/99 (Y2k Fixed)

    Whatever you do please do NOT refer me to sites on the internet... Its not there.... I am hoping someone may have this in their personal archives.. I have 2.04d, I have various pre 12/31/99 versions of 2.05 - but I do not have the one version that I need even though I know (because I remember...
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    8bit Underground Forums

    http://www.8bitunderground.com is online! Software: modded invision board Hours: 24/7 Speed: 10/mbps :) Storage: unlimited Affils: Old School Underground Fone Federation (OSUFF) HQ! The 8-bit Underground is a community that has been put together to hopefully reassemble a number of users from...