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ISO Celerity BBS Software 2.05 - released on 12/31/99 (Y2k Fixed)


New Member
Feb 16, 2009
Whatever you do please do NOT refer me to sites on the internet... Its not there....

I am hoping someone may have this in their personal archives.. I have 2.04d, I have various pre 12/31/99 versions of 2.05 - but I do not have the one version that I need even though I know (because I remember having it before) that it was released and was widely available on the warez/phreak bbs's I used to hang out on in the late 90's, early 2000's..

Yes, I am aware of the bbsdocumentary archive, the pc micro archive, etc, etc.. not there..

Do you have it? If so please drop me a PM or reply here! Might even be willing to drop you some cash for it if you are able to send the mainmenu.ans file from the archive as I recall what the menu looked like from that version.