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    FS / Make Offer: nVidia Quadro 4000, 2x ATI FirePro V8800

    I have two ATI FirePro V8800 graphics cards, and one nVidia Quadro 4000. Make offer. I prefer shipping via USPS flat rate box, but I'm flexible (origin zip code: 32708)
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    FS: SunBlade 2000 - $60 obo - moving - must sell!

    I really need to find a new home for this SunBlade 2000 computer. Works great, see photos, as questions. I would like to get $60, or make an offer. I would prefer a local pickup (SoCal, L.A. area), but I'll ship to where ever you want to pay for it. This is a *big* system. Weight is 55...
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    9-track magnetic tape unit maintenance and operation?

    My eyes!! ;-) That website looks as old as the tapes they are selling. Every page on the site is a new adventure. Haha. I'll have to give them a call and see what the prices are, since they don't show pricing except to say the minimum order is $100 (ouch). They list "re-certified tapes"...
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    FS: SunBlade 2000 workstation

    I have a SunBlade 2000 workstation with a single CHE1200 CPU, 5GB RAM, and a 72GB 10,000 RPM drive. The video card is the XVR-100 (ATI Radeon based, DVI and VGA outputs). Comes with the Sun USB keyboard. Runs Solaris 10 (currently installed), but FreeBSD also supports SPARC64, and I'm sure...
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    9-track magnetic tape unit maintenance and operation?

    I finally managed to get a 9-track tape unit, a re-branded CDC 92185, and I spent the weekend cleaning it up and replacing the deteriorated foam (full of 1-inch foam to help with noise, I suspect). Being a new tape unit owner, I'm now full of questions. So I cleaned the tape path as per the...
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    PDP-11 Value?

    I have been looking for a PDP-11 for a while and I might have a chance to get one. Aside from the desire to get my hands on real hardware, I'm finding it hard to figure out a *fair* price for a CPU or other components like disk drives or tape units. Sometimes I see prices in the multiple...
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    WTB: HP 264x terminal keyboards and / or cables

    I'm looking for a keyboard or two for an HP 264x (2645A, 2647A/F, 2648A, etc.) terminal, or any interconnect cables. If anyone has any of this kind of hardware you are willing to trade or sell, please let me know. Thanks, Matthew
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    HP 2647F Terminal Keyboards?

    I picked up a pair of HP 2647F Terminals, but they do not have their keyboards. The seller is a liquidator / recycle company, and apparently they split everything that comes in the door into separate pieces to "maximize their profit"... Grr. So, the terminal, keyboard, external floppy, and...
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    Got a PERQ T2 - any one else that has a PERQ here?

    I met Josh Dersch at the VCF Pacific NorthWest festival at the LCM+L (awesome museum by the way, I highly recommend visiting multiple times!), he is a really nice guy! He had two PERQ systems running with graphics tablets and large monitors to play with. If anyone knows about the PERQ, Josh...
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    GRID / GRIDCASE 1520 need setup and info

    Hello, I'm a new owner of a GRID 1520 and of course the battery in the DS1287A RTC chip that holds the setup info has died (probably a long time ago). So I need to get my hands on the setup utility to reconfigure the options, but there seems to be a vacuum of information online about these...
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    Wanted: TRS-80 Model 100 102 LCD or parts

    Edit: !@#$% I just realized there is a "wanted" forum. Sorry. Can I move this post? I need a replacement LCD for my TRS-80 Model 100 (same LCD is in the 102), or a Model 100 or 102 that is not working that I could use for parts (the LCD mainly). Seems these are getting really hard to come...
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    Apple IIc monochrome monitor help

    I was pretty careful about the cap polarity (or lack of polarity in some cases), and making sure the silk screen actually matched the actual cap polarity. Here is a photo of the area with C514 prior to replacement (C514 has the white glue on top of it): I'll check the power supply area when...
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    Apple IIc monochrome monitor help

    I have a IIc monochrome monitor and it has a slow (about 2 or 3 seconds) horizontal wave that moves vertically down the screen. My first thought was to recap the monitor, so I ordered the caps and did the job. I replaced all the caps with the same farad rating, equal or higher voltage rating...
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    Recognizing an ACB-4000A SCSI device?

    Greetings, I need to back up an ST-225 that currently has an Adaptec ACB-4000A card attached to the bottom. I had never heard of such a thing but once I learned it was an "Winchester" to SCSI adapter I though "no problem", SCSI is backwards compatible, and I just happened to have a PCI host...